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Connect With Buyers Who Want What You Have

Our consultation service won't cost a penny - upfront!

We don’t charge suppliers for our service before we have made them money.
Our fee comes out of the profits we generate for the supplier, thereby making the whole deal risk-free!
Click the Agreement button to see a sample agreement for our consulting fee.

Many buyers approach us because of what we do. Our consultations and results speak for themselves.

Every supplier we recommend and connect with our buyers has to be reliable, since we are staking our company name with the introduction.

Once a supplier has been added to our database, we continue to pass relevant and targeted orders direct to that supplier if they are able to meet the buyer’s requirements.

Here is the process we follow…

We collect product specifications and general prices from the supplier. To help in this regard, the supplier registration form collects the exact information we need.
When a buyer has a requirement and a target price for a product that is close to the information we have collected from the supplier, we will contact that supplier to see if they are able to service the buyer, and to what degree.
We will ask the buyer if the supplier’s price and terms are suitable for him. If he remains interested, we will send a consultation fee agreement to the supplier to sign and return. This agreement guarantees our consultation fee upon receiving payment from the buyer. The fee is variable, depending on the product.
Supplier returns the signed form to us and we pass buyer’s contact details to him. At the same time, we pass supplier’s details to the buyer and ask each party to connect with the other to continue negotiations.
Supplier contacts and negotiates with buyer. We do not get involved with the negotiation process. Our responsibility is to simply to make an introduction through the database.

Is Your Company Reliable?

If you are a supplier that supplies products at a good price, we can help sell far more with just a single buyer, than most are able to do in a whole year with paid advertising.
Quite often, our buyers’ orders are worth millions for just the first month’s supply.
Work with us and see the sales pour in.