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We work on your behalf in connecting Buyers and Suppliers for all your PPE Needs.

K N-95 Mask Wholesaler

Frazeens is committed to making procurement super-simple and effortless for buyers.

Connect with ReliableGlobal ConnectionsWe only work with reliable sellers who can service our buyers with best the best quality and lowest prices. Buyers
Suppliers Worldwide

Discover the ultimate gateway to global business opportunities with Frazeens, where connecting with trusted buyers and suppliers worldwide becomes not just a possibility, but a guarantee of success and savings. Frazeens isn’t merely a platform; it’s a revolution in the way businesses interact, merge, and flourish across borders. Here, reliability meets cost-efficiency, allowing you to source premium materials, explore new markets for your products, or establish profitable alliances—all while significantly reducing overhead costs. Our community is a powerhouse of opportunity, designed to elevate your business by leveraging the strength of a diverse, worldwide network. At Frazeens, we pride ourselves on fostering growth and innovation, ensuring that every connection you make not only propels your business forward but also enhances your bottom line. Join Frazeens today and embark on a journey where global reach and monetary savings go hand in hand, transforming your business vision into an impressive reality. With Frazeens, you’re not just expanding your business; you’re maximizing your financial efficiency in the global marketplace.

What Services We Provide

Global PPE Consultancy

Consultancy With Worldwide Connections

No Country is Out of Bounds

Our network allows us to connect with suppliers and buyers for any product worldwide.

Proprietary Medical Database Advantage

Database of Proven Buyers For Sellers


Our database is pure gold! Suppliers need access to legitimate buyers and buyers can connect with only the best suppliers.

Medical Supplies Procurement

Our Focus is on Masks and Gloves


Procurement of Major Medical Supplies

Frazeens Consultancy Service

FrazeensA US registered company is a worldwide procurement specialist firm. Our primary focus is consulting. We bring together buyers and reliable suppliersVetted from across the globe for long-term and short-term trade.

Suppliers for various products exist on our databaseOur database of buyers and supplier is pure gold or we connect with them through our network.

Supplier reliability is our main area of concern. We aim to ensure all suppliers on our database and in our network meet the standards we set out to achieve. It is because of this vetting procedure and high standards,We never take on suppliers just for our own advantage. We ensure that our suppliers can service our buyers with good customer service. buyers from across the globe come to us for product procurement.

There are thousands of unscrupulous suppliers littered across the net and it’s a minefield trying to decide whether you should trust a particular company. This is where we come in. We don’t act as a broker or an agent. We consultWe don't arrange specifics on behalf of the buyer or seller. Instead, we arrange for perfect suppliers to match up with buyers on our database and then allow each party to negotiate with each other. on an ongoing basis and find the best deal for our buyers.

If you are a supplier, connect with us and let us look into your company for vetting purposes. Then we can add you to our clean list of reliable and trustworthy suppliers, ready to be introduced to our buyers.


We welcome buyers to try our consultancy service – FREE! Our service makes life easy for busy procurement managers.


We match the correct buyer for our registered suppliers. If you are a seller, see what we can do for your business.

Products and Projects

We have a number of operations running at any one time. Take a look and see some of the projects we are involved in.

Yes, Our Consultancy Service is Completely Free For Buyers!