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How We Make Procurement Super-Simple

The buyer’s involvement (in the the hardest part of the procurement process) is minimal. This is what makes our consultancy service extremely appealing.

Although our service is free, we do require  a few minutes of the buyer’s time to ascertain the exact requirements and the expected price. This is the most that will be required from the buyer until we connect him to the perfect supplier.

So here is the procedure we usually follow…

We collect requirements from the buyer. To help in this regard, the buyer registration form collects the exact information we need.
We search our database to find the most suitable suppliers who are able to meet the buyer’s requirements.
We contact the shortlisted suppliers to ascertain whether they can fulfil the buyer’s requirements, and if so, to what extent they can complete the deal.
We always try and narrow our search down to suppliers who can match 100% of the requirements. If there are no suppliers on our database who can match the exact requirements, we extend our search to networked databases.

Once the supplier(s) has been notified of being shortlisted (for the existing order) we will provide him with details of the buyer. At the same time we will contact the buyer and furnish details of the supplier(s) we have selected.
The buyer and supplier will conduct negotiations and proceed with the order process.

Do you have a question?

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Yes, Our Consultancy Service is Completely Free For Buyers!