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Our Agreement

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We don’t charge suppliers for our service before we have made them money.

Each of our agreements with each of our suppliers is unique. We make an agreement based on what we have discussed and the item that is available for sale.

The fee we charge is legally due to us once the supplier has received money from the buyer. This is one of the items mentioned in our agreement.

The fee is negotiated at a time when we deem a particular supplier suitable to supply one of our professional buyers. If a fee is not negotiated at this time, then the standard percentage fee is applied, which is also mentioned in the agreement.

The fee is also due every time the buyer makes a payment to the supplier (for the lifetime of the supply). This fee cannot be circumvented with our agreement.

The limits of our responsibility lies in making the connection between the right supplier and the right buyer. We don’t involve ourselves in negotiations or taking LCs in our name.

If you wish to see the full details of our agreement, please send us an email and we’ll send you a standard agreement (without the fee structure).

Our agreement is primarily designed to ensure our hard work is not wasted.